Cette page recense toutes les publications produites dans le cadre du projet GraphEn.


TRAG-WEB : Term Rewriting Automata and Graphs
I. Durand and M. Raskin.

Journal articles

Enumeration of maximal irredundant sets for claw-free graphs.
Petr A. Golovach, Dieter Kratsch, Mohamed Yosri Sayadi.
Theoretical Computer Science, 2018.


Algorithms for computing the Shapley value of Cooperative Games on Lattices.
K. Maafa, L. Nourine, M. Said Radjef.
Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2018. To appear.


Algorithms Parameterized by Vertex Cover and Modular Width, Through Potential Maximal Cliques.
F.V. Fomin, M. Liedloff, P. Montealegre, I. Todinca.
Algorithmica 80(4): 1146-1169 (2018).


Enumerating minimal connected dominating sets in graphs of bounded chordality.
P.A. Golovach, P. Heggernes, M.M. Kanté, D. Kratsch.
Theor. Comput. Sci. 630: 63-75 (2016)


Output-polynomial enumeration on graphs of bounded (local) linear mim-width. Algorithmica.
P.A. Golovach, P. Heggernes, M.M. Kanté, D. Kratsch, S.H. Sæther, and Y. Villanger.
80(2): 714-741 (2018).


Minimal dominating sets in interval graphs and trees.
P.A. Golovach, P. Heggernes, M.M. Kanté, D. Kratsch, and Y. Villanger.
Discrete Applied Mathematics, 216:162-170, 2017.


Enumeration and maximum number of minimal connected vertex covers in graphs.
P.A. Golovach, P. Heggernes, D. Kratsch.
Eur. J. Comb. 68: 132-147 (2018)


Computations by fly-automata beyond monadic second-order logic.
B. Courcelle and I. Durand.  
Theoretical Computer Science, 619 (2016) 32-67.


From tree-decompositions to clique-width terms.
B. Courcelle.
Discrete Applied Mathematics, In press.


Fly-automata for checking MSO2 graph properties.
B. Courcelle.
Discrete Applied Mathematics, In press.


Algorithms for k-meet-semidistributive lattice.
L. Beaudou, A. Mary and L. Nourine.
Theoretical computer science, 658: 391-398 (2017)


Extended dualization: Application to maximal pattern mining.
L. Nourine and J.-M. Petit.
Theoretical Computer Science, Volume 618, 7 March 2016, Pages 107-121.


Book Chapters

Model-checking with Fly-automata,.
B. Courcelle and I. Durand.
In Encyclopedia of Algorithms, second edition., Springer., Ming-Yang Kao  ed., Chapitre 20, 2015


Minimal dominating set enumeration.
M.M. Kanté and L. Nourine.
In Encyclopedia of Algorithms : 1287-1291. 2016.


International Conferences or Workshops with Proceedings

On Maximal Cliques with Connectivity Constraints in Directed Graphs.
A. Conte, M.M. Kanté, T. Uno, K. Wasa.
ISAAC 2017.


Efficient Enumeration of Maximal $k$-Degenerate Subgraphs in a Chordal Graph.
A. Conte, M.M. Kanté, Y. Otachi, T. Uno, K. Wasa.
COCOON 2017.


An Optimal XP Algorithm for Hamiltonian Cycle on Graphs of Bounded Clique-Width.
B. Bergougnoux, M.M. Kanté, O-J. Kwon.
WADS 2017.


Fly-automata for checking monadic second-order properties of graphs of bounded tree-width.
B. Courcelle.
Conference LAGOS, Brazil, Electronic notes in Computer Science, 50 (2015) 3-8.


Removing redundant tests by replicating control paths.
I. Durand and R. Strandh,
10th European Lisp Symposium, Belgium, 106--112 (2017).


Writing a best-effort portable code walker in Common Lisp.
M. Raskin,
10th European Lisp Symposium, Belgium, 98--105 (2017).


A Linear Lower Bound for Incrementing a Space-Optimal Integer Representation in the Bit-Probe Model.
M. Raskin.
ICALP, 88:1--88:12 (80), 2017.


Enumeration of Maximal Irredundant Sets for Claw-Free Graphs.
P.A. Golovach, Dieter Kratsch, Mohamed Yosri Sayadi.
CIAC, 297-309, 2017


On Maximal Irredundant Sets and (sigma, rho)-Dominating Sets in Paths.
P.A. Golovach, D. Kratsch, M. Liedloff, M. Rao and M.Y. Sayadi.
Workshop on Enumeration Problems and Applications, 2016


Enumeration and Maximum Number of Maximal Irredundant Sets for Chordal Graphs.
P.A. Golovach, Dieter Kratsch, Mathieu Liedloff, Mohamed Yosri Sayadi.
WG, 289-302, 2017


Counting Minimal Dominating Sets.
M.M. Kanté and T. Uno.
TAMC 2017 / Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), Springer, 2017.


Enumerating Minimal Tropical Connected Sets.
D. Kratsch, M. Liedloff, M.Y. Sayadi.
SOFSEM 2017: 217-228


Efficient Enumeration of Solutions Produced by Closure Operations.
A. Mary and Y. Strozecki.
33rd Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science (STACS 2016), volume 47, pages 52:1-52:13, Dagstuhl, Germany, 2016.


Optimization Problems via Minimal Triangulations and Potential Maximal Cliques.
I. Todinca and P. Montealegre.
2016 SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics, Atlanta, USA


Token Jumping in Minor-Closed Classes.
N. Bousquet, A. Mary, A. Parreau.
FCT, 2017.


National Conferences or Workshops

Hybrid algorithms for candidate keys enumeration for a relational schema.
K. Ennaoui and L. Nourine.
BDA'2016, Futuroscope, Poitiers - France, 15 au 18 Novembre, 2016


Published on  April 11th, 2018